3M Packaging Equipment

3M Matic Packaging Solutions from Bron Tapes

Bron Tapes and 3M Partnership

Bron Tapes is partnering with 3M to bring you and your business access to revolutionary tape machines and products.

Does your business…

  • Need to increase productivity and throughput?
  • Need to reduce the incidence of damaged goods?
  • Want to reduce your packaging and shipping costs?
  • Looking to implement social distancing protocols in your packaging?
  • Need to increase efficiency by decreasing time spent hand-taping boxes?
  • Want to decrease warehouse head count and the number of touches prior to shipment?

Contact a Bron Tapes Application Specialist to schedule a consultation to discuss tape machines and tape agreements – custom tailored to your business needs. We can help create measurable ROI for your business through tape agreements, incentive programs, and the best manufacturer’s warranty in the industry.