Arlon Graphics, LLC (a division of FLEXcon Company Inc. of Spencer, Massachusetts), is one of the world's most experienced cast vinyl film manufacturers. Founded in 1958, Arlon Graphics, LLC has evolved over the years in to a global organization with several manufacturing locations and strategically positioned distribution warehouses to service their various customer bases worldwide.

  Arlon is dedicated to providing products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of customers by supporting the high-quality system through effective product design, setting appropriate process goals, manufacturing to clear and proven specifications, and consistent and thorough measurement of output. Each Arlon employee is also committed to the process of continuous safety and quality improvement, and adheres to the principle of doing it right the first time.


Arlon’s total quality management programs combined with their ISO 9001 quality certification have provided the structure to place Arlon at the top of the industry. Close sales and R&D interaction ensures that the Arlon product line is designed to meet the ongoing needs of customers and the company is committed to providing support in using their products in a multitude of fabrication settings. Arlon’s Technical Service group excels in training and problem solving, and is constantly looking for ways to meet or exceed customer expectations by improving service levels and offering new or improved products.

Arlon recognizes its environmental responsibility and is committed to lead the world in the low impact production of graphic films throughout the product lifecycle. Arlon’s dedication to excellence and the care of our planet through responsible manufacturing make us proud to name them as a business partner!