Bron Tapes produces some of the best industrial use belts in the USA. They’re constructed from high-quality PTFE fabric (Teflon® tape) laminates with multi-layer cast PTFE films to give the durable, crack-free, non-stick surface that your project demands. Our special micro-crack and micro-pore texture coatings ensure that the belts do not support bacterial growth while still remaining uniquely easy to clean. We produce our high temperature-tolerant belts custom specifications, depending on each customer’s individual needs, on site in our Denver, Colorado flagship location.

We supply a large number of customers in a variety of different industries with ongoing product development based on the application of customized and specific materials that provide exceptional value. Our services fulfill the needs of many diverse industries, including but not limited to chemical, packing, food processing, aerospace, and industrial applications. Our dedication to providing high-quality products and ongoing customer support makes Bron Tapes a preferred choice for your belting needs. Our tape Application Specialists will help find the best belt for your unique application, and experienced customer service representatives are always on hand to discuss your requirements. Our advanced belting capabilities will guarantee that you have the product you require to meet your specifications at the competitive pricing you deserve.

For more than 35 years we have been leaders in delivering cost effective solutions for the most demanding of applications. Serving a broad spectrum of industry sectors, we are constantly developing our products and services beyond the abilities of our competitors and the expectations of our clients alike.

PTFE (Teflon®) belts for many industries, including:

  • Screen Printers | Process Drying | Graphics Industry
    • PTFE coated fiberglass mesh. Sewn & Sealed fabric reinforced edge with metal alligator splice. Natural tan or UV black. Options: U.V. resistant black coating, film edge, cover flap over seam. PTFE coated Kevlar® mesh or Nomex® mesh fabric.
  • Food Manufacturing | Tortillas | Candy making
    • High build 10 mil PTFE coated fiberglass belt. Kevlar® reinforced fabric hinge splice to accept customer supplied rod. PTFE Laminates. Options: PTFE coated Kevlar® carcass, butt splice.
  • Fusing Press | Apparel Manufacturers
    • 10 mil anti-static black PTFE coated fiberglass fabric. 1" x 45° overlap seam with rounded corners to prevent lifting of seam. Options: Film over seam, film reinforced edges to prevent fraying.
  • Shrink Wrapping
    • PTFE coated fiberglass mesh belt with 1" fabric sewn & sealed edge reinforcement, metal alligator splice and cover flap. Options: Film edge, fabric hinge seam
    • Red silicone coated fiberglass, single ply, single side coated with metal alligator splice and cover flap. Options: 2 or 3 ply carcass, two side coated, other colors.