Berry Plastics (Polyken, Nashua)

Berry Plastics is a company driven by an ability to imagine new possibilities, determination to deliver the highest quality results, and passion for meaningful improvement. Guided by a corporate culture that places integrity and safety above all and equipped with expertise in consumer insights, ideation and design, manufacturing, and research and development. Berry Plastics is truly one of the industry’s best.

The Berry Plastics was established in 1967 under the name Imperial Plastics, a small hometown company based in Evansville Indiana. Berry Plastics has grown into a global, multi-billion-dollar public publicly-traded corporation, boasting more than 90 manufacturing facilities worldwide and continues to globally expand its footprint, and now has 16,500+ employees serving 13,000+ customers.

As a global leader in packaging and protection solutions, Berry Plastic’s recognizes its responsibility to play a positive role in the communities and environments in which they operate and serve. From the operation of their facilities, to their industry partnerships, to community education programs, Berry Plastics is committed to designing products with the environment in mind.

Berry Plastics strives to make people’s lives better by providing the world’s leading and emerging brands innovative packaging and protection solutions, often before customers and consumers even know they need them. With 2,885 primary manufacturing machines, 751 active granted patents, and 30,000+ skus, there’s no question that Berry Plastics is positioned to remain an industry leader, as well as our valuable and highly regarded partner.

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