Business Partner Highlight: Scapa

Scapa has earned a position as a worldwide leading manufacturer of adhesive components and bonding products for applications in the healthcare, industrial, electronics, and automotive markets.

Scapa has a deep understanding of the markets it serves which allows the company to anticipate the customer needs of tomorrow. With market insight and customer understanding as core principles, Scapa is committed to a true partnership model with its associates. Working closely with leading global partners in its target markets, Scapa is focused on developing cutting edge adhesive tape bonding solutions for consumer, distributor, and OEM alike. A specialist provider of bonding solutions with an unparalleled range of films, foams, and adhesive tapes, Scapa offers the benefit of dealing with a core supplier and manufacturer.

With production sites in the US, Europe, and Asia, the Scapa Group has a true global footprint. Worldwide service and supply chain capabilities give the Scapa Group an excellent position for partnership with global customers.

Scapa_TapesMarketing and technical teams are continuously evaluating client needs in an effort to meet their consistently evolving requirements. Experienced sales teams are skilled in finding the right product and business needs solutions, while customer care and technical service teams ensure the ongoing satisfaction of the Scapa partnership network.

Leveraging experience and global presence in fast-paced markets, Scapa delivers sustainable customer and shareholder value with its ability to meet customer demands swiftly. These attributes combined with Scapa’s robust product portfolio make the company an ideal partner.

The Scapa Healthcare division is a fully integrated, worldwide supplier of customized medical adhesive tapes, component materials and converted products for the medical device, wound care, hospital, transdermal, and consumer industries.

Scapa Consumer is the European leader under the brand Barnier® in adhesive tapes for the professional building materials market as well as DIY applications. Scapa products are sold through an extensive network of small retailers including leading specialist retailers. For over three decades, Scapa’s Renfrew™ Tape brand has been synonymous with tape for hockey players worldwide. With broad range of protection products and wraps, it is the chosen tape for the majority of the professional hockey teams in North America. Renfrew tape has been in the locker rooms of every Stanley Cup championship team for more than twenty years running.

Scapa Industrial serves a wide range of markets in the military, construction, printing & graphics, and foam fabrication portals along with Energy markets such as pipeline, solar, and cable. The company’s capacity to meet the requirements for many specialized applications is evidenced by its larger portfolio of product types than essentially any other manufacturer. Scapa’s product and market diversity equip them to work with channel partners and distributors to provide the ultimate in product and service quality.

Scapa Automotive leads the world in the design and manufacture of specialty adhesive films and tapes for the automotive industry. Scapa stays engaged with OEMs and supply chain partners, working to utilize high performance adhesive systems and technically innovative materials to guarantee full compliance with stringent OEM specifications that are driving business and key global customer demands.

More than a century of experience in the development, manufacture, and supply of cable wrapping tapes worldwide makes Scapa a reliable first choice. Due to their extensive knowledge, Scapa boasts one of the widest ranges of water blocking and standard cable tapes in the industry. Scapa is a key supplier and reference partner to the majority of the world’s top manufacturers of data, power, control, sub-sea, and fiber optic cables.

Skin-friendly turn-key solutions, bonding products & adhesive components, precision cut tape for electronic devices, combined with high speed converting and die cutting and a significant global presence make Scapa an obvious and preferred choice in performance and partnership.