Business Partner Highlight: Shurtape

Business Partner Highlight: Shurtape
Every day since 1955 Shurtape has designed, developed, and crafted tape to one simple standard, that of their customer. Demanding attention to every detail, Shurtape ensures that their customer’s next job will be better than the last. 

The North Carolina based Shurtape Technologies LLC, is a privately owned company proudly serving a variety of markets, from HVAC and transportation to painting and packaging. Shuretape remains continually engaged with the market as well as the customers and craftsmen who use their tape products while adhering to the absolute highest standards.

The basis of Shurtape’s success has always been the relationships with customers and craftsmen. Shurtape customers are intensely loyal, and the company is dedicated to expressing appreciation and gratitude to their patrons and partners. With consistent product performance, prompt delivery, and relentless customer service at the core of the company mission, Shurtape never quits investing in improved manufacturing, products, and distribution practices


Shurtape-Manufacturing-Industry Market_3Shurtape Technologies evolved from Shuford Mills, an established maker of textile yarns and a manufacturer of cordage and twine founded in 1880. In 1955 a tape division was launched to capitalize on the growing demand for basic crepe and flat back paper tapes, (aka masking tape). Later that year, the company opened a small pilot plant inside the Shuford Mills factory housed in Hickory, North Carolina.

Early success led Shuford Mills to invest in and develop an entire factory dedicated to the manufacture of tape. With two decades of steady growth and profitability under their belt, in 1972 Shuford Mills expanded tape into adhesive-coated cloth tapes. By 1981, growth and success paved the way for Shuford Mills, makers of the original duct tape, to convert its Stony Point yarn mill to full-fledged, full-time, duct tape factory.

By 1996, the small tape division of Shuford Mills outpaced the sales and profitability of legacy textile products causing Shuford Mills’ management to sector the tape division into a separately managed and operated company – and Shurtape Technologies was born.

The fledgling company aggressively launched new products during the first year. With a brand new, 100,000sf factory in Hudson, North Carolina, Shurtape went to work producing high-quality hot melt carton sealing tapes. They took the opportunity to expand geographic reach by acquiring German based distributor Kip, while launching converting operations in The United Arab Emirates, Peru, and Mexico. The addition of these capabilities gave Shurtape the necessary infrastructure to export goods and cater to a growing portfolio of multi-national customers.

Shurtape-Converter-MarketBy 2000, a new, state-of-the-art plant based in Hickory, North Carolina was producing masking, laminated, foil, and printed tapes A converting facility in Singapore built the Shurtape presence internationally, and by late 2004, a new distribution center in Catawba, North Carolina, created additional capacities to turn domestic and international orders.

Today the company owns twelve global manufacturing and distribution centers operating around the clock to deliver relentlessly reliable tape products all over the world.

Key acquisitions solidified leadership in serving both the business and consumer industries, including; Tape Specialties Ltd., the Arts and Entertainment division of Permacel Inc., FrogTape®, and an entire line of do-it-yourself (DIY) tapes, office and house wares products from The Henkel Group, facilitating the birth of subsidiary ShurTech Brands. The transaction married the Duck®, Painter’s Mate Green® and Easy Liner® consumer brands with the Shurtape professional brand.

ShurTape directs 100% of resources and attention toward the development, manufacture, and delivery of world-class, innovative adhesive tape products. With substantial investments in research and development, quality management systems, and continuous improvement programs, Shurtape is great fit for partnership and consumption alike.