Coating & Laminating

With a unique set of manufacturing capabilities and our skilled specialists, Bron Tapes can create a pressure-sensitive tape product to your exact specifications. We are equipped to provide special adhesive coatings on all types of materials up to 60” wide. We feature a wide variety of adhesive solutions, including permanent, removable, reusable, and differential adhesives.

Bron is positioned to offer pilot trial runs with low minimums and can accommodate projects of any size. We offer the latest coating methods to coat any material and a vast range of coatings. Because of our army of manufacturers, we can cross over many carriers and adhesive systems to help you design and create your own customized product. You can get your material with hot melt rubber, acrylic (solvent and water-based), natural rubber, and silicone according to your project’s specifications.

We have the ability to do zone coating of the adhesive you need. Whether your project calls for strips or shapes, we’ll put the adhesive you desire exactly where you want it while leaving sections un-gummed to aid your manufacturing process. We can even add an extended release liner to your final, custom tape, and are able to provide our high performance products and outstanding service at exceptionally competitive costs. Looking for complex applications like Differential Coating? Bron is here to help!

Custom Coated Products

  • Film
  • Paper
  • Acrylic
  • Foam
  • Foil
  • Cloth
  • Rubber
  • Silicone
  • Single Coated
  • Double Coated
  • Removable
  • Reusable
  • Permanent
  • Differential

Laminating is the process of putting two or more products together to create one final tape with various properties. Not all converter shops have the ability to laminate or to highly customize products according to specifications. We understand that your application is very important and our team of specialists is here to assist.
The Bron team is expertly skilled in laminating pressure sensitive adhesives to foams, films and fabrics to create custom constructions for a variety of Industrial and Aerospace applications. Our capabilities include multi-layered laminations of specialty films such as PTFE (Teflon ® tape and belts), Kapton™, PET’s and Mylar™, and many other adhesive and non-adhesive materials.

With more than 35 years selling and laminating various tapes with heavy emphasis on product development and technical support, the experts at Bron are dedicated to giving you the guidance and expertise needed to get the best final product. We work closely with our customers to deliver the exact solutions that will meet their project needs.

Some examples of laminating include:
  • Putting a protective film onto Safety Tape so that it lasts much longer.
  • Adding a hand-writable layer on a tape that otherwise isn't.
  • Layering a clear layer ontop of any tape for added strength.