Gaska Tape Inc. was born in Elkhart, Indiana in the humble confines of a 2-car garage, where three entrepreneurs begin providing conversion services to the local market. Today, the corporation is privately owned by Jack B. Smith, Jr. and now comprises 250,000-square-feet of manufacturing space. Gaska Tape Inc. is internationally recognized for innovative product development technology and production processes in the foam and adhesive industry, and continues to thrive.

Gaska Tape Inc. manufactures a wide variety of customized specialty foam and tape products, including Polyvinyl foam (PVC), Polyester Blend foam, Polyolefin foam, Gaska Hi-Bond tape, or EPDM 1965 just to name a few. 

Gaska Tape employs state-of-the-art manufacturing and laboratory facilities, aggressive research and development programs, and a management team that encourages innovation and vision. Gaska Tape is continually focused on identifying and fixing problems and remains devoted to analyzing and meeting the particular needs of the markets they serve.



Gaska Tape is at the forefront of environmental responsibility, and in 1995 installed a self-fueling, regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) that eliminates 96% of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Believing that green living and manufacturing are vital to the future of the world, Gaska Tape takes the initiative to research environmental issues and make decisions that uphold their philosophy. Gaska Tape continues to strive for ongoing improvement in creating the safest environment possible for the local community and company employees.

Gaska Tape continually dedicates their efforts to develop, produce, market and deliver products and services of the highest quality and uniformity that consistently meet customer needs. They remain committed to continually improving the reliability of products, services and overall performance of the organization, making them a perfect business partner for Bron Tapes.

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