Founded in 1918 in Ohsaki, Tokyo, the Nitto Group has historically been swift to identify market needs, and based key technologies such as adhesives and coating, has excelled at conducting business globally across a variety of industries including electronics, automotive, housing, infrastructure, environmental, and medical. Over the years, Nitto has grown to be a leader in the energy materials, industrial tapes, environmental solution, and other markets.

Nitto offers over 13,000 high-value-added products to the world-wide market, and is strong in its flexibility to add diverse functionalities to sheets, films, and other materials, through the application of core technologies such as polymer synthesis, adhesion and coating. 

Nitto is dedicated to minimizing environmental impact and reducing various “social costs” around the world, and is focused on creating products which reduce medical costs for the aging populations of developed countries. Nitto seeks to continue expanding into new “Green, Clean, and Fine” (environmental, new energy, and life sciences) business domains, create Area Niche Top™ (ANT) products* in China, India, Brazil and other emerging economies, and develop new businesses and themes.


Nitto supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and efforts to recognize the importance of human rights in business activities, and is helping to conserve our environment by providing “low-environmental impact” and “positive-environmental impact” products. 

In 2018, the Nitto Group will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the foundation. Proclaiming “Innovation for Customers” as their brand slogan, Nitto strives to become a company that continues to grow globally and create value through the implementation of new ideas.


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