Scapa has earned a position as a worldwide leading manufacturer of adhesive components and bonding products for applications in the healthcare, industrial, electronics, and automotive markets.

Scapa has a deep understanding of the markets it serves which allows the company to anticipate the customer needs of tomorrow. With market insight and customer understanding as core principles, Scapa is committed to a true partnership model with its associates. Working closely with leading global partners in its target markets, Scapa is focused on developing cutting edge adhesive tape bonding solutions for consumer, distributor, and OEM alike. A specialist provider of bonding solutions with an unparalleled range of films, foams, and adhesive tapes, Scapa offers the benefit of dealing with a core supplier and manufacturer.

Scapa Industrial serves a wide range of markets in the military, construction, printing & graphics, and foam fabrication portals along with Energy markets such as pipeline, solar, and cable. The company’s capacity to meet the requirements for many specialized applications is evidenced by its larger portfolio of product types than essentially any other manufacturer. Scapa’s product and market diversity equip them to work with channel partners and distributors to provide the ultimate in product and service quality.

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