The name tesa® was created in 1908 when secretary Elsa Tesmer merged the first two letters of her last name and the last two letters of her first name. The name was used until February of 1936 when a transparent rubber tape was the last to be christened with the name. The then-insignificant rubber adhesive film eventually proves to be a resounding success, paving the way for the first dispenser with the tesa® logo and the first tesakrepp masking tape to appear on market.

Before long tesa® would go on to develop special displays to professionally present products to the do-it-yourself community frequenting specialty retail stores. Continually expanding on innovations, tesa® would shortly come to offer more 2500 product solutions facilitating the operation of a high rack warehouse equipped with state-of-the-art automated technology complete with a separate picking area and 10,300+ pallet spaces.


The company boasts over two hundred employees across laboratories in the US, Germany, Japan, China, and Singapore, that are continuously working to transform innovative ideas into new products, applications, and solutions. tesa® applies for patents on an average of 70 new developments annually.

In collaboration with scientists, tesa® developed the Scribos GmbH. EasySplice® technology to enable secure, ultra-fast splicing during roll changes. Holospot technology protects name-brand items from counterfeiting and secures original products against theft. tesa® insect stop, patented tesa Powerstrips®, and tesafilm® remain consumer favorites. tesa® ACXplus, with its visco-elastic behavior and resistance to extreme temperatures and demanding weather conditions, opened a whole new category of tapes for constructive bonding. tesa® SE has truly earned its place as one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

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