General Questions

If you're unsure of the right tape for your needs, then contact us directly at 1-855-266-2885. Our team of Application Specialists are prepared to help you through the complicated process of finding just the right tape.


  • Bonds immediately to a large amount of surfaces except flexible plastics
  • Not strong in sunlight


  • Higher temperature resistance
  • Works on flexible plastics
  • Works in the sun
  • Takes 24-48 hours to get to full bond strength

Great question! Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) is a permanently tacky adhesive (at room temperature) that adheres to a wide variety of surfaces with light pressure and usually comes in long rolls with a backing of cloth, paper, metal or plastic. It can be single or double sided and come in a variety of adhesive levels. 

This is different than other varieties like water-activated tape. 

Preparing your surface for the best adhesion is very important. Contaminants like dirt, oil, dust, paint and more can drastically interfere with the adhesive quality. The surface should be clean, dry and free from any contaminants that may stick. 

General cleaning of most surfaces may include Isopropyl Alcohol and water at 50/50 ratio. Most surfaces should be cleaned and dried with a lint-free cloth. Many commercial products (like window cleaners) leave a residue that can interfere with adhesion. 

All pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) should be applied at room temperature. 

Most acrylic adhesives last in a wider temperature range making them better suited for outdoors. 


Yes, we can put most products on a blank core. 

Some of our customers prefer to have "un-branded" products to resell or use in-house. These "blank core" products help protect your brand and interests. 

Of course you can! We have slitters and rewinders at every location and can cut most of our tapes to the ideal width for your application. 

We are a full-service tape converter. As such we order massive "logs" of tape and cut them down to standard or requested sizes. Many of our customers have figured out that it's better for them to get the right tape at the perfect width for them, than to try to cut it themselves during production or double-up on their use. Give us a call to see if this option can improve your business. 

You do not have to buy a whole case for most of our products. 


We can set up customers with 30 - day terms. 

We accept: 

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express
  • Business Checks
  • Money Orders

We just ask for orders to be at or over $100. 

You simply need to contact your local branch to get started. They will offer you a credit application and may ask for your tax-exempt ID.  

You can find the list of branches HERE

Each branch handles invoices separately. Please contact your local branch to get an invoice. 

You can find the list of branches HERE

We have a team of very knowledgable Application Specialists. Ask your Specialist for assistance managing inventory and reorders. 

If you don't have an Application Specialist yet, please contact your local branch HERE

Shipping and Delivery

Bron estimates shipping charges on an order-by-order basis, partnering with local and national carriers for the best shipping rates in the industry.

Given the wide variety and customizations of products in our catalog, we would like to speak directly with you about your product and shipping needs when quoting lead time. 

If you are a US customer, and you order an item we have in stock and ready by 2:00pm Mon-Fri, then your order will ship within 5 business days. 

Yes, you can pick up your product at any of our branches. Please call ahead to make sure your order is ready. View the branch list here 

What tape is right for my application?

My first thought when someone asked me this was, "Ok, you're hammering nails into pegboard and then using tape to draw things? That's pretty macho." But then again, I am a guy.

"Nail Art" here actually refers to painting one's nails. There is a trend going around of using tape to draw on the nail or to mask an area to be painted.

Most people find that masking tape is the best. I can recommend BT-XXX as an ideal tape for this application. A good masking tape is more flexible than a standard office "Scotch" tape meaning that it can curve around your nails and designs better. It's was actually built just for "masking" an area that you intend to paint around while then giving you a clean removal that leaves no residue.  Many other tapes, including your standard office tape, you may find don't flex the way that you'd like and have an adhesive that's too strong and may actually stick to the polish below and pull it off. Make sure sure you use a tool to push the edges down completely so that new polish won't leak.

You may want to start with your favorite fast drying top coat before  anything. Having a great canvas is important. When you're working on your nails, only do one nail at a time and remove the tape immediately after applying the paint. That way it won't dry and then accidentally pull up the fresh coat.

If you're working on your nails, then don't forget to take care of them. Keep your nails polished with a great topcoat. Take your vitamins like vitamin B. Use a great renewal cream moisturizer regularly on your hands. Don't use products that contain alcohol as they will dry you out.

If you have a leaky pipe or hose, there's a good chance that you can fix it quickly and easily with a waterproof tape. There are lots of caveats to this so please use caution. If the temperature is too hot, too cold or too high then it might not work as expected. 

The go-to product for waterproof tape is a typically a Self Fusing Silicone Waterproof Tape. These tapes do not have adhesive on them that gunks up the hose, but instead it automatically adheres to itself. These tapes have a good elasticity to them that allows you to stretch it around a pipe, then watch it contract back on itself a little and permanently seal around the damage. 

One brand claims to offer a seal that is air tight and water tight, to withstand up to 700psi and hold up in temperatures up to 500 F. 

Another product that's often sought after for these applications is Duct Tape. This magical variety of tape was originally crafted to be a universal, waterproof tape for the military to use in the field. In general it has great water-resistant properties. There are special varieties with extra tough water protection properties that should handle tougher jobs. 

Brick is a very porous material (or substrate) that is very difficult for most general purpose tapes to stick to. For your household project you will want to use an industrial strength tape with a much stronger adhesive bond.  Part of your answer, of course, would center around what you're trying to accomplish. Do you need a Masking Tape, Permanent Bond Tape or something else? 

Our partners at 3M have a Scotch® brand masking tape with a specially formulated stronger adhesive for "hard-to-stick" surfaces like brick, concrete and grout. It can also be used with lacquer coatings. 

The Gorilla branded products promise to work on brick as well as many other tough surfaces. 

Some teachers have found success using hot glue to mount stuff to brick for a semester and claim that it removes cleanly at the end of the year. Others have found that they like a hook and loop product with a strong adhesive because it allows them to take down study material before tests or interchange art throughout the year. 

If your school or school district is looking for a product to allow teachers to safely mount materials to a variety of wall structures, please give a Bron Application Specialists a call today for a no cost, no obligation chat. 

It depends, of course, on a few factors. What is the tape sticking to? Do you want a permanent or temporary hold? 

Most people are looking for a tape to temporarily stick on the outside (metal or glass) to mask it for body work or to hold something on like a race number.  Gaffer's or Painter's is typically the way to go. It has a medium adhesive that will stick but still offer very clean removal, so it wont damage your paint job. There is also a variety called "Racers Tape" that is very similar, but often sold at a higher mark up. 

Are you looking for the best tape to hold up decorations temporarily, or mask a section that you're painting or some other DIY application? Then you want to make sure you use the best tape for the job so that it sticks but doesn't damage paint, plaster or wallpaper. 

First you want to make sure the surface is ready. Fresh paint needs at minimum of 1 week to cure in most environments. Make sure the surface is clean and free of dust or other particles that will weaken the tape holding power. 

Decorations - You can use Painter's Tape in a loop to safely hold light-weight items. You can also try slightly stronger Poster Tape, which is a double-sided, removable tape that's been proven safe for most wall surfaces. 

Painting - If you're upgrading the color on your walls, then Painter's Tape is the way to go. It's the blue rolls you've probably seen at your local hardware store. Grab some of that and some paper or plastic sheeting to protect the areas you don't want paint on. 

Always test your new tape on a small spot of wall surface out of site before you jump in. There are conditions, like brittle wallpaper, that no one can account for. 

Glass is an easy surface for most tapes to stick to, but there are challenges. The typical application is a window that is often susceptible to the sun heat and winter chills which makes it hard to the right adhesive. Most customers would prefer not to leave a sticky residue on their beautiful windows either. 

Masking Tape - If you don't mind a little color with your application then Masking Tape should do the trick. It's low-tack adhesive is designed for temporary holding and clean removal. 

Painters Tape - These rolls of the amazing blue stuff are great, if you don't mind a frame around your application. 

Packing Tape or Carton Seal Tape - We've seen success with people using this for a more long-term solution. They appreciate that it's clear but it can leave a residue after a long time or extreme temperature fluctuations. Be prepared to use an orange peel or "Goo Off" type application for any adhesive reside. 

Double-Sided Foam Tape - If you're installing glass then you'll need the proper tape to create a tight seal. We have a variety of foam tapes for your construction or manufacturing application. 

Dryer ducts do one thing. They transfer dryer heat outside. Since these ducts are subjected to constant extreme heat you should use the proper foil-backed tape and high-temperature adhesive.  Do not use duct tape as the adhesive is not meant for high temperatures. Do not use screws or rivets as these may collect lint.